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Vivydus Life Cycle Health & Wellness

Vivydus Life Cycle Health & Wellness


At Vivydus, you have a safe space to vent your frustration, learn cycle literacy for more harmony with your period, a sympathetic listening ear to express your anxiety, with education and guidance that empowers you to make the best decisions for your body.

Vivydus Life Cycle Health & Wellness provides wellness coaching in different forms and different situations ranging from finding your flow to balancing your body with courses created with guidance coaching throughout them both.

Heather is passionate about educating new/future mommies on nutrition. She realized proper nutrition is paramount for a healthier body, happier pregnancy, and a thriving baby. Why weren’t mommies learning this along with the birthing classes? What mommies eat during pregnancy has a direct effect on her, baby and if carrying a girl, the potential grandchild(ren), Heather is certified in health coaching and presents Finding Your Flow and Balancing Your Body courses. These are designed to guide individuals on how to work within your unique menstrual cycle as well as find lifestyle changes that improve your cycles. Most PMS symptoms and even fertility issues are rooted in lifestyle and nutrition. By knowing your unique cycle, you can schedule your life, so you live fully, be more present for your family, and remove the chances of burn out.

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